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Friends of the Library: Book Sales

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The Friends of the Library holds a book sale on the first Saturday (from 9am- 4:30pm), the third Thursday (from 9am to 5pm) every month and every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to noon.

Friends of the Library Need your Help!
We are grateful for all types of books donated for our use!  Donate your items to the Friends and we can assure you the reward will be two-fold.  The next reader gets enjoyment and the Hudson Library benefits from the proceeds we earn through our book sales.  Keep reading and remember us when you turn that last page.

Friends of the Library Book Bag Library Bag
Stop in at a Book Sale & buy a
Friends of the Library Book Bag for $7

Other Gift Giving Ideas

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Donating & Volunteering

We continue to need your donations and would like your help in the sorting process.

Friends of the Library is all about your used books.  The Hudson community book donations keep our doors open.

In order to make the sorting process from donation cart to the shelves a little easier we ask that you check out the following list of tips for donating books.

Friends of the Library Sorting Books Children's Shelves

Tips for donating books to the FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY: 

  • No text books
  • No moldy, dirty or mildewed books
  • No pre-1996 reference books
  • No cassette tapes
  • No video cassettes
  • No magazines
  • If you require a receipt, please count your paperbacks and hard cover books.  The Friends will provide a tax exemption form for your use.


Thank you so much for helping us fill the shelves with a wonderful variety of books in good condition for both adults and children.

Book Sales are run by members of the Friends of the Library. We always could use a hand with preparing for book sale day. Please consider joining the Friends.
Friends Membership Application (.pdf)